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Why RSVP's matter!

What does RSVP mean? It derives from Répondez, s’il vous plaît, that means "Respond Please." It is asking guests to respond appropriately with a clear "yes" or "no" to the invitation of the event.

Whenever someone invites you to an event, an RSVP is usually attached to it. The reason why is to get an accurate count of how many guests to prepare for. This is true for the food count, favors, and even thank you cards. Sometimes it may even help with a pleasant surprise from the guest of honor. It is important to respond timely with the solid answer of yes or no.

One of the biggest reasons for RSVP is that is saves your host time and it can ultimately save them on cost. The most common example of that is a wedding reception. If the hosts are preparing for a plated dinner, it is very important to have an accurate guest count. Why? They pay per plate, and most venues are charging upwards of $30 & up per plate. Lets say the guest count is 100, because the host assumed everyone is coming and then only 75 guests showed up. That's a fairly large number of empty seats and most importantly wasted money. With 25 guests x $30/ per plate they could have saved $750 if everyone had RSVP'd appropriately.

Appropriate ways to RSVP:

- Responding by email

-Response Card, mark the appropriate response and return with enclosed envelope

-RSVP with no response card, contact host by mailing response or calling

-Regrets only: reply to host only if you are unable to attend

PLUS ONE and then some!

Unless indicated on the invitation response card, it is never and I mean never okay to bring an additional guests. Proper research has indicated, unless indicated on the invitation to those whom it was addressed to, there is no one else invited. Yes this includes children too. The host(s) have an idea already in mind in when planning their event, and bringing extra guests who were not invited can throw things off. If you are unsure, contact the host tor gain clarity before bringing an extra guest.

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